Kate, Peg and Ellen Ryan

Three sisters were interviewed during the Rockies game, which made me think of my three. The Ryan sisters lived together in a house only a decent walk across the city park from where I lived during the early and middle 60s. They were churchy women, who, for whatever reason, took some sort of interest in me when I was in elementary school, probably, in part, because I played organ in church during that period.

What little memory of them I have was that they were in their 60s to 70s. Kate was an effusive sort, Peg was the least interested in me of the three, and Ellen was cordial, but formal. I seem to recall that Peg was more sickly than the other two. They would give me small religious readings or consecrated saint cards when I visited.

To this day, I have no idea why I went to their home. I simply do not recall. I am also somewhat amazed that I remember their last name. It has to be nearly forty years since I’ve seen any of them.

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