More Observations on Writing ‘Archimedes And The Cheerleader’

I recently complained about my novel needing a snappier opening. I thought today that I would find some popular novels and see how their authors threw their opening pitches.
I tried Alice Munro (a recommendation for different reasons from a friend) and John Updike. They were both too far to the ‘literary’ side of the spectrum. I then picked a couple of novels closer to the genre in which I have dropped ‘Archimedes’, James Patterson’s ‘Cross Fire’ and John Grisham’s ‘The Firm’.
I read a Grisham a long time ago. For me, it wasn’t exactly a page-turner. I have never read a Patterson.
I started with the Patterson. Yes, it was vastly different from my own, but I found I was less disappointed with my own.

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